Restoring a Gleaming Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

An impeccable smile builds self-confidence, improves physical appearance, and boosts clarity in speech. However, not everyone has a perfect smile. Fortunately, your smile can be reinstated through cosmetic dentistry, which is the process of enhancing the aesthetic value of one’s gums, teeth, and eventually the smile.

The most common cosmetic dental procedures in San Diego, CA include:

Teeth Whitening

Discolored teeth can be as a result of frequent consumption of dark foods or drinks such as coffee, tobacco, chocolate, or tea. Fortunately, they can be made purely white thanks to teeth whitening treatments that range from take-home kits to in-office bleaching solutions. Teeth whitening is less costly and convenient compared to other cosmetic dental procedures. 

Tooth Orthodontic Accessories

Dental patients prefer aligning their teeth to look more presentable. In orthodontic corrective appliances, Invisalign has rapidly gained popularity. It refers to smooth, removable, and invisible plastic aligners which align crooked dental formula. Invisalign is fixed over the teeth to gradually and comfortably straighten them.

Dental veneers are also optional teeth accessories. They refer to custom-designed ultra-thin shells made from durable ceramics that mask dental imperfection. If you have minor alignments, stains, chips, or gaps, porcelain dental veneers are the perfect solution.

In case a patient has lost numerous teeth, dentures are mostly recommended. Dentures are removable jaws which can be partially or completely filled with artificial teeth, depending on the needs of the patient.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a cosmetic dentistry solution that involves surgical replacement of lost teeth, partials, or dentures. Among long-term solutions in dentistry, implants are perceived to be the most effective procedures, though they must be placed by a professional oral surgeon.

Although these are the most popular cosmetic dental services in San Diego, CA, there are more cosmetic dentistry procedures available, including dental bonding and braces. When seeking these services, it’s important to consider the opacity, color, and opalescence of your teeth. Materials containing predominantly glass will best mimic your enamel and dentin, giving you the natural smile that you desire.